Especially for You - Floral Designs and More..., Purses by Peters

Other characters available-penguins, bears,  reindeer, santas,  girl and boy: pilgrims, scarecrows, pumpkin scarecrows, sunflower, garden rabbits, and many snow people...

Post painted in black, white and red. Garlands available in a variety of styles to enhance each character.

For pricing and availability: use 'contact us'

Winter Characters with Wood Lanterns on Post-$58

Flameless candles are coordinated with each
post and character.

Penguin is outfitted in green overalls, red shirt and matching red hat.

Santa is ready for a christmas party, dressed in burgundy velvet pants, jacket and matching hat.

Gingerbread man with blue or green vest.
Post will be decorated with candy garland.

Moose- rustic clothing and natural garland, also accompanied by woodland friend.

Reindeer is looking for the perfect spot for his birdhouse. He's ready for winter with his burgundy overalls and blue flannel shirt trimmed in white.

Elf Girl also available Elf Boy. Ready to help Santa outfitted in a green tunic with matching hat, red and white striped tights and scarf.  Each is carrying a stuffed toy and has a gift or toy at base of post.

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